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I mainly work under the name Aggressive Vacuum and am a song writer and producer. I write Experimental Electronic Music but have a passion for World Music and love sound design. I enjoy challenging myself by writing  music with unorthodox instruments and enjoy experimenting with sound and all styles of music. 



Hi there! I'm Jordan. I love music and it's my greatest passion. I make music in a variety of genres, such as Rock, Metal, Folk, Electronic, Jazz, and many others. I play drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, computer/electronic music as well as a variety of percussive instruments. I work as a song writer and musician and would love for you to contact me to write you some amazing music for your project.


Soundtrack Examples

"The Night Time Janitor" is an animation made by Vesper Luo. Soundtrack written by Aggressive Vacuum and Jordan Kane.

"Lounge Pamatka" is an animation by Vesper Luo. Soundtrack written by Aggressive Vacuum.

"Signal" Trailer by Lei. Sound Track made by Aggressive Vacuum.

Full version of "Signal" by Lei . Soundtrack written by Aggressive Vacuum.

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